Why Choose Kolpin Training?

I’ve been in the health and fitness industry now for going on 20 years and in that time I’ve accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience. My clients are often blown away with the manner in which I thoroughly manage their lifestyle goals with meticulous care. To put it simply, the knowledge and experience you’ll gain having chosen to embark on your fitness journey with KOLPIN TRAINING is only the tip of the iceberg in comparison to the nutritional coaching and lifestyle advice I impart.


I use a variety of basic to advanced exercises and protocols to ensure you’re getting the absolute MOST out of your workouts! Keeping the workouts as fun and productive as possible! So join today and get the results you want!

Our videos and detailed descriptions ensure all KOLPIN TRAINING clients are performing their exercises correctly and in the safest manner possible. This way you get the ABSOLUTE MOST out of the chosen exercises without risking your health and safety in the process.

Take charge of your goals and get that sleek, sexy bikini body you’ve always wanted. Here I take you through up to 3 full phases to really sculpt, firm and tone that PERFECT BIKINI BODY*. That’s up to 9 months of workout programs all meticulously designed to help you achieve your goals! Are you ready to learn, build and change your physique? Then let’s get started today!

Over the past 20 years KOLPIN TRAINING’s serviced over 1000 happy clients and the results have been out of this world. Those clients included but not limited too; teens, future athletic prospects, diabetics, bodybuilders, bikini athletes, those of us with physical handicaps, those requiring strength and flexibility rehabilitation, pro athletes, men, women and all ages in between!

We offer exclusive packages for those who request a special personal touch to their programs. These packages include but are not limited too; full nutrition programs with weekly check-ins and changes, comprehensive training programs that are catered to your requested needs and goals and a direct line to contact me in case you have questions or concerns that may require a more immediate reply.

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday 7.00 – 17.00



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